I am a perfectionist and a team player. Leading and following in the process are equally important, as good teamwork to me involves more than one leader. Teamwork motivates and inspires me.

My intuition is the main driver of my creative process. In order to evaluate this intuition based design process it is important to verify the iterations as soon as possible using lo-fi prototypes.

As a visual thinker with a hands-on approach to the design process I try to visualize ideas by making quick drawings, storyboards or mock ups out of foam board.

Being the sucker for details, I try to zoom out of the process and reflect on the path taken to refocus and not get stuck on them.


To me design is not about creating something merely aesthetically pleasing; it is about changing the way we behave and interact, how we learn and communicate. Of course looks are important, too, but come in the slipstream.

We live in a world in which polarization seems to become the norm. Design is a means to bring people with different backgrounds closer together, design is a universal language spoken by anyone who likes to change things for the better.

I believe the future for designers is to use this language and cooperate to shape society and industry based on sustainability, sociability and quality of life as the foundations for the next generations.